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There’s no denying that Bluetooth activity tracker or trackers are currently big business, so it should come as no surprise that there is a vast choice available to consumers, all with their own pros and cons. This can mean that selecting a fitness tracker can be confusing.

Fortunately, I’ve been fortunate enough to try out some fitness trackers first hand, which should give you more clarity when it comes to purchasing a fitness tracker that suits you.


Why Do You need Bluetooth Activity Trackers?

You may ask yourself why you would need a fitness tracker,and this would be a good question, as we managed without them before. We also managed without the Internet before, but the thought of going without it can be shuddering. The fact is that people nowadays are more conscious about their lifestyle, and to be able to make a difference we need access to information that’s going to help us reach our fitness goals. It is the same concept when We try to eat healthy and watch what We eat as a guess or count calories.

Sure, we have more conventional means, such as a stopwatch and various paraphernalia, but only a Bluetooth Activity Tracker is able to tell us what we’ve achieved, and what steps need to be taken to reach the next level of our fitness regime. Fortunately, there are various models available that will suit our needs, regardless of our budget or requirements.

  1. Cellay Activity Tracker 

Whereas some may prefer all the whistles and bells that go with a high-end smartwatch, there will be those who want something a little more relaxed and cost-effective. While the Cellay activity tracker is not without its faults, it is among the cheapest fitness trackers out there, while still being able to serve a purpose.

Users can track their calories, record their movement and set goals with ease thanks to the straightforward operation. I was able to skip through the various screens with ease, which showed a breakdown including date, steps take, steps needed for your next goal and calories burned. There’s even an alert system that comes in the form of a flashing red band, which effectively shames you into action if you’ve not too been too active.

When using the system, I did notice that there would be the odd occasion where steps or movements would be missed. For example, when testing the product, it would require a more reinforced motion at times.

I found the display to be clear. While there’s nothing innovative on offer, it offers those looking for no fluff the ideal situation. One drawback of the display is that it’s not too effective with no light present, but this shouldn’t be an issue for many.

This Fitness Tracker has 4.9 Stars out of 5 on and bought by more than 400 Customers 


  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Comfortable to Wear


  • No Backlight
  • Can Miss the Odd Movement

2. Lintelek Slim Fitness Tracker

When it comes to Bluetooth activity trackers, it makes sense that the health aspects are the most important, but that doesn’t mean that a little style can’t be injected into the proceedings. Despite the price point, there is a lot of features buried beneath the impressive OLED display.

As well as being able to record a series of activities, such as distance walked, and calories consumed, it is also able to monitor your sleep patterns and overall time. There is also an app that can be used in conjunction with the Lintelek that allows you to look at your data in more detail.

The thing I liked most about the Lintelek is that you can pair it to your smartphone, and it offers updates in relation to calls and texts via Bluetooth. While only basic, the fact the feature exists is noteworthy in itself.

I did find one drawback, in that it has no heartbeat monitor. Depending on your goals, this may not seem too serious, but it’s something worth considering if you’re searching for a fitness tracker with this function included.

This Fitness Tracker was granted 4.8 Stars out of 5 on and was purchased by around 70 Customers. They surly like it.


  • Impressive Design
  • OLED Display
  • Cost-Effective
  • Accompanying App


  • No Heart Rate Monitor

3. MgCool B3 Activity Tracker

Those looking to get their fitness regime in order will often require several different functions to ensure that they are able to reach their goals. The MgCool B3 Bluetooth activity tracker is a wearable that offers a lot of bang for its buck. While using the watch I was not able to track my steps and monitor my heart rate, but I was even able to monitor my performance when swimming.

I was helped along by the accompanying app, which allowed me to monitor my information in more detail, as well as allowing me to customize my fitness goals.

The design of the MgCool is slick and offers a simple but sleek operating system that should no problems when it came to accuracy. The silicone band included is comfortable, and is suitable for a series of exercise regimes, including swimming running or even power-walking.

It’s not unusual to come across at least one con when using a fitness tracker, but I have to be honest. I’m yet to find anything wrong with it. Even the battery life surpasses that of some of the leading competitors offering a steady 10 hours when being used, and 30 hours while on standby.

Mgcool B3 got a review of 4.3 out of 5 on by 107 Customers who bought it and they are happy about it.


  • Heart Monitor
  • Ideal for Swimming
  • In-Depth Analysis via The Accompanying App
  • Comfortable to Wear


  • None

4. Garmin Vivosmart HR

Different people look at the value in different ways. For some, the previously mentioned fitness trackers will be enough. However, others may prefer to use a brand they recognised.

With the Vivosmart bearing the Garmin name, you would assume that the accuracy is faultless, and this was certainly my experience when using the Bluetooth activity trackers. Not only does it monitor the basics, such as steps taken, and floors climbed, it also offers a heart rate using Garmin’s Elevate technology. This means that you’re getting a more descriptive breakdown when looking at the calories you have burned.

Users can also make use of the Garmin Connect app, which not only syncs your data, but also puts you in you in touch with an active community. Ideal for those looking for some encouragement during the early days.

The operation of the watch is faultless, and you can swipe through different screens with no hesitation. The information on offers includes steps taken floors clumber, how much activity you have engaged in as well as calories burned.

You are also given access to other information, such as the weather, music controls and social media alerts, should you choose to use this feature.

This Fitness Tracker was granted 3.9 Stars out of 5 on It was bought by 2,784 Customers who really like it.


  • Trusted Brand
  • Offers In-Depth Analysis via Elevate
  • Touch Base with an Active Community


  • More Expensive Than Others
  • Information Could be Cumbersome for Beginners

5. LYOU Fitness Tracker

Another low-cost entry that can offer so much. The LYOU Bluetooth activity tracker is able to record several different segments of your lifestyle. These include calories burned, distance travelled and sleeping patterns. The information can be easily viewed by swiping through the different screens, on a display that is straightforward and fit for purpose. Of course, there’s only so much we’re able to view on the fitness tracker itself, so those looking for more in-depth analysis can pair the device with the accompanying app.

While not completely defenceless against water, the LYOU fitness tracker is safe in more hostile weather, and can resist up to one-metre depth water.

The fitness tracker has a straightforward sleek design that wouldn’t look out of place among some of the higher-price contenders, and the strap itself can be changed depending on your preference. Like many other fitness trackers, there is also the option to use your fitness tracker as a basic smartwatch, which allows you to receive notifications in relation to your social media and SMS.

This Fitness tracker has 4.3 Stars out of 5 on It was bought by 86 Customers. It sits as Amazon’s choice.


  • Simple Design
  • Accurate Pedometer
  • Clear Display
  • Accompanying App
  • In-Depth Analysis


  • Not the Best for Cyclists

6. LEKANG Activity Tracker

The LEKANG activity tracker is one of those trackers that is able to meet the requirements of many lifestyle elements, plus some additional features. As well as being able to monitor your sleep pattern and heart rate, you are also able to keep an eye on your blood pressure. You also get the other elements you would associate with a fitness tracker, such as a pedometer and calories burned.

The accompanying app not only allows you to view your information in more detail, but also gives some encouragement in the guise of notifications, keeping procrastination at bay.

Charging the unit is straightforward, and is as simple as removing the tracker form the included band, and charging via USB. In use, the battery life average around 15 days in standby, and seven while in operation.

This Fitness Tracker has 4.8 Stars out of 5 on, with 47 Customers who bought it.


  • Plenty of Features
  • SMS and SMS Social Media Notifications
  • Encouragement Offered via App
  • Great Value for Money


  • None

7. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

As well as being able to track fitness, the Bellabeat can also aid those looking to reduce their stress levels by offering tools that allow for meditation and sleep analysis. The design of the fitness tracker means that there is no display, but data can be transferred wirelessly to an accompanying app, so there’s always a way to get at the information.

This is more aimed at those who want to include wellness as part of their health regime, as well as those looking for something a little different. While not to everyone’s tastes, the Bellabeat does inject some much-needed originality into the fitness tracker market.

4.2 Stars out of 5 on is not bad for Fitness Tracker Reviews, Also backed up with 2,756 Customers buying it on Amazon


  • Original Design
  • Ideal for Those Not Keen on Conventional Fitness Trackers
  • Wellness Features
  • Sleep Analysis


  • No Display
  • Design Not for Everyone


8. Bomxy Fitness Tracker

While there are many people who rely on apps for most of their daily agenda, there are some who may prefer to avoid today’s high-tech wizardry for something a little more conventional. The Bomxy fitness tracker may lack the features seem in other wearables, but it does serve those looking for an entry-level pedometer without the need for Bluetooth or apps.

Users are able to track calories burned, steps taken and miles travelled. It doesn’t offer some of the features that some may require, such as a heart monitor or in-depth analysis, but it does offer a solution for those who may not have much to spend.

The design of the fitness tracker is straightforward, but comfortable to wear can carries outs it duties with minimal effort.

This Fitness Tracker Reviews is 3.4 Stars out of 5 on There are 23 Customers who bought it.


  • Straightforward Information
  • No Apps or Bluetooth to Contend With
  • Ideal for Beginners


  • Lacks Features for Advanced Analysis
  • May Be Too Basic For Some

9. Garmin Vivofit JR

While the Bluetooth activity tracker mentioned can be used by children, the design may seem a little “boring” to those looking for flair and boldness. Fortunately, there is a solution that is specifically designed for kids. The operation and use is a little different, as it acts more like a pedometer and task counter. As children are still developing, we only need to ensure that they’re getting some exercise each day, which the Garmin Vivofit JR will display on both the wearable and the app.

However, the app works differently in that it is used by the parent to help children achieve goals. For example, if there is a set of chores that need to be done before a reward can be offered, then parents can use the Parental Personal Assistant to ensure that children are reaching their goals, while the details being held within the fitness tracker itself makes the completing of chores a more exciting proposition.

Although this is effectively a glorified pedometer, the fact that it’s designed for children means that it offers a lot that other fitness trackers don’t, such as loud designs and a sturdy kid-proof build.

There is only one Customer who bought this Fitness Tracker on and gave it 5 Stars out of 5


  • Exclusive Children’s Design
  • Easy to Monitor
  • Helps Children Achieve Goals


  • Fitness Aspects are Limited


10. Adidas Fit Smart

When it comes to fitness paraphernalia, Adidas really needs no introduction. However, there may be those who are unsure of how the company fits into the fitness tracker niche. Judging by the Adidas Fit Smart, it fits very well. While it may not offer anything new when it comes to the information it offers, the way it is presented and recorded is very impressive. The latest technology ensured that not only was I able to get real-time information in relation to my heartbeat, but the tracker itself offers encouragement via icons that allowed me to finetune my exercise regime.

The app as expected was very thorough and presented in a way that made sense. This allowed me to view my progress, and gain insight as to how I could improve things moving forward. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, the Adidas Fit Smart is a robust and comfortable piece of tech that’s none too expensive.

121 Customers bought this Tracker and gave it 3.7 Stars out of 5 on


  • Recognised Brand
  • Excellent Breakdown of Information
  • Clear and Concise Display
  • Sleek Design
  • Comfortable to Wear


  • Operating System Takes Some Getting Used To




As you can see there is a vast choice of Bluetooth activity tracker available when it comes to selecting a fitness tracker, you simply need to ascertain your needs, and choose a fitness tracker that suits your needs and your style.

Of all the fitness trackers I used, I was actually torn between the two recognized brands, the Garmin Vivosmart HR and the Adidas Fit Smart. Both offer in-depth advice and help the user achieve several different fitness goals. While I like both designs, the choice you make will ultimately come down to your style of preference. However, you should consider the other solutions, especially if you have a small budget or looking for solution that is specifically designed for children.

Fitness Trackers and Health

Fitness Trackers has no effect on the user’s health in any shape or form, the main function of these trackers is to collect data and analyse the data to give as a result the user’s performance and health status. They collect data such as:

  • Heart beat rate
  • Calories burned
  • Steps that has been walked
  • Blood preasure
  • Time spent being active

The 3 States that Your tracker tracks

  1. Awake – That’s any activity done and requires You to change locations like running, taking the Dog for a walk, or even while sleep walking
  2. Light – Any activity done while You are laying down like fixing Your Pillow, turning over in bed, ……etc.
  3. Deep – That’s When You are completely asleep and dreaming

How does my tracker tracks my sleep?

In order for a tracker recognize that You are in sleep mode, You have to set it up or turn it to “sleep mode”. Refer to the user’s manual to know how to do that since each tracker is different.

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